Christmas Tree Topper Comes With Magic Snowflakes Perfect For Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree Decoration

It’s incomplete to welcome the Christmas atmosphere without beautiful and stunning Christmas decorations. With warm and cheerful Christmas decorations, of course, it will make Christmas celebrations even more special. There are lots of Christmas ornaments that you can use to decorate a fir or pine tree, such as decorative lights, Christmas trees, Christmas Wreaths, Christmas candles, and what forms the crown of a Christmas tree, namely the top star of the Christmas tree.

About DG-Direct Christmas Tree Topper

There are many types and variations of Christmas tree topper stars both in terms of shapes, decorations, ornaments, and also the materials used. One of them is DG-Direct Christmas Tree Topper, this Christmas tree topper star uses Polyvinyl Chloride as the main material with a sparkling gold color, the size is also very suitable for a medium Christmas tree, which is around 9.8 inches x 9.4 inches x 1, 8 inches. The 9.2 plug wire on the bottom also reaches all over the Christmas tree making it easy to wind.

Using the DG-Direct Christmas Tree Topper will also make your Christmas tree charm more attractive, as it features a 3d hollow design with gold sparkles all over the star of the Christmas tree topper. The appearance will be more attractive if it is exposed to direct light or sun, the golden glow will radiate throughout your room.

The DG-Direct Christmas Tree Topper is also very easy to attach to the top of a Christmas tree. Just by placing it on the Christmas tree and adjusting it to every angle. Then plug in the cable and turn on the switch, instantly the projector will display a fantastic and dynamic snowflake of the golden color of the Tree Topper.

The appearance of this decoration is also very beautiful to see at night, the sparkling gold base color will be clear like moonlight. Thus DG-Direct Christmas Tree Topper will make the atmosphere of your room more lively and luminous.

Pros of DG-Direct Christmas Tree Topper

As one of the most sought-after foreign Christmas tree decorations, of course, it has many advantages that cause the product to be sought after during Christmas celebrations. The advantages of this product can be seen from several sides, such as materials, colors, and quality of goods. What are the advantages of this product? Here’s the explanation:

Durable Material

As mentioned above, this product uses polyvinyl chloride as the main ingredient. Manufacturers choosing this material is of course a very right decision, considering that this material is durable, lightweight, and also easy to shape or assemble. This plastic-like material is one of the best-selling materials in the world which is widely used in the manufacture of jackets, wallets, belts, and so on.

Design and Color

There is no doubt about the appearance of this product, because it is very attractive and is also suitable for room decoration, especially Christmas tree decorations. In addition to displaying a sparkling gold color, the Christmas Tree Topper star also has a creative shape, namely a hexagonal star with a sprinkling of golden snow all over it.

Goods Quality

When it comes to quality issues, of course you won’t be disappointed, because this product is made from selected materials that are specifically intended for Christmas tree designs. This product is also not impossible for you to use at Christmas next year, depending on how you take care of it.

Disadvantages of DG-Direct Christmas Tree Topper

Despite having advantages and disadvantages, one of the disadvantages of DG-Direct Christmas Tree Topper is that it is quite expensive and shipping costs to other countries are very expensive. This is of course a problem for Christians who want to use this product but are in a distant country, for example, Indonesia. We can see this from the many complaints in the reviews found in online stores