Bali Green Stone

Green Sukabumi Stone Inside Pool

Bali green stone is one of the best home decoration stones today. its strong composition and characteristics make it in demand by many people. This Green Stone can be used for many things such as bathroom walls, terraces and even the bottom of a swimming pool.

The Advantages of Bali Green Stone

In Indonesia this stone also known as Pedra hijau Portugal originating from Sukabumi. The material or composition of this stone based on research is as follows

SiO2: 66.68%……………..Al2O3: 12.26%
Fe2O3: 1.81% …………….Cao : 4.25%
MgO: 1.05% ……………..Na2O: 2.46%
K2O: 2.66% …………….TiO2 : 0.19%
MnO2   : 0.06% …………….P2O5 : 0.06%
H2O: 1.18%
pH: 7.5
Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)     : 138.40 meq %

Based on these results, it can be said that green stone has a very sturdy material and is good for decorating parts of the house.

How to Buy this Green Stone

Because this green stone is not an item that is available in every country, the purchase of this item can only be made directly from the original country, namely Indonesia. In that country there is a stone depot brand that serves purchases and deliveries throughout the country. You can see their website directly at Pedra Hijau Portugal.

How to Choose a good Green Stone

If you really want this green stone as our home decoration, of course we need to choose the best quality, right? We can come directly to the address listed on their website page and determine which stones we want to buy.
But sometimes not everyone has the opportunity to visit Indonesia just to buy this stone, so we recommend a marketing team that you can contact at any time.

For price information and how to order this Bali Green Stone, you can contact the following whatsapp (Mr. Aldi)

Nice installation of Green Stone

The following is an example of the application of installing green stone in a swimming pool. Of course, in addition to making the bottom of the pool more attractive, this stone also makes the surface not too slippery so it is very comfortable to step on.

Green Sukabumi Stone Inside Pool

We hope this information is useful for you and can be used as a reference for decorating your home.